Updated Intuitive-Services Website! (And Revived/Trimmed Blog)

Check out my newly updated and revised website for my intuitive services. 

I'm especially thrilled to have added a new section on my services for diabetics and their allies. (I've been a type 1 diabetic for nearly 40 years, so I particularly enjoy working with fellow folks with diabetes of any type.)

As part of the site update, this blog also was deeply trimmed.  Before that, a lot of the communication in my community had shifted to social media, and my attention along with it. But we see that social media sites change. So now I want to post more here again as well as on the other social platforms I use.  

In the blog trim, unfortunately, most of the blog's comments also were cut. My apologies to all who left them! I love your comments. Please do leave them again or anew. 

Do you have a question or two about your life, your self, your spirit?

Anyone can benefit from a psychic, intuitive reading from me. I offer these by plain old audio call – which works great since I have my eyes closed during the reading! Sessions are available in half-hour or hour increments.

ince 1993, I’ve been providing readings, energy-healings, and coaching to people from many walks of life and many places. Using clairvoyant insight and other intuitive abilities – and, at parties or on request, tarot cards – I help you access the answers that are right for you.

Every reading is a journey I take with you toward greater understanding of your individual truth.

I look at the layers of your aura (your personal space or energy field) and your chakras (seven main energy centers), then home in on pictures in your energy field and the "movie" of your life as they illuminate your current state and your questions.

I read and interpret these, revealing the answers already there in your space, but perhaps hidden, immobilized, or invalidated by other energies you've taken on.

Details include specifics about what's going on in your personal space, what's working for you (flowing), and what is blocked. I then can help you move out energies that are keeping you stuck or that weigh you down, even subtly. Finally, I'll identify actions for you to take to move forward. 

The answers – your own truth – feel good to you, providing the relief and instant recognition of meeting a trusted friend. You are likely to emerge from the reading feeling clearer, more empowered, and more optimistic, knowing what steps to take next.

Some areas of your life where you may have questions:

~ Relationships
~ Career
~ Family
~ Well-being
~ Creativity
~ Pets
~ Crossroads and decisions
~ How your past lives are influencing you now

I also can work with you during our consultation to teach basic intuitive tools. These will help you get more in synch with yourself, release stress, replenish your body and spirit, feel safer and more certain, and create the outcomes you want. (Learning a couple of tools per reading is plenty!) We can arrange one or more phone readings, with follow-up activities.

This is all a way to clear out the old, welcome the new, grow, and have fun along the way.

Reach out with any questions about what a session with me is like, or to schedule an appointment!

Looking forward to communicating soon!

 –Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)


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