Acknowledge Your Unique Diabetes Journey

You didn’t ask to go, and yet you are on a journey: your diabetes journey. Whether you’re a new diabetic – wondering what the heck you can eat and grappling with the strange paraphernalia of self-care – or an old hand – confidently compensating for the curves that this day threw at your blood-sugar control, or puzzled by the fact that reliable tactics inexplicably didn’t work this time – you’re traveling through life on a pathway shaped by your diabetes.

This journey is shared by millions of other diabetics. Still, your diabetes journey is particular to you: your body, your mind, your spirit.

The diabetes journey is not just a physical one. It’s also a journey for your whole self.

And amid its repetitions, it offers constant change: new sights, new insights, new challenges. What can diabetes teach you about yourself and how you interact with the world? How can you find wellness with it, and keep growing as a person?

For nearly 30 years, I have framed my experience as a diabetic with those questions. With focus and practice, I’ve found some illuminating answers. From the shock of diagnosis long ago to the variations of this very day, diabetes has opened a path for me yielding – along with challenges and demands – more pleasure, insight, clarity, and power.

Part of the reason is that diabetes led me to access and expand my skills as a clairvoyant reader of the human energy system. Working and playing with my intuitive abilities helped me understand and work with diabetes – for myself and others. I came to know myself better and feel more empowered.

But you don’t have to become a clairvoyant reader for diabetes to help you access more of your personal power. Every diabetic has been handed an opportunity to find more awareness, more capabilities, and, paradoxically, given all the demands of this syndrome, the freedom that comes with greater wisdom.

One of the main reasons diabetes offers increased wisdom is that it’s about energy management.

As a diabetic, you already get to focus in a practical, intimate, and, yes, unrelenting way on keeping your body’s energy running, under varying conditions. Whether you know it or not, you’re paying attention not only to your physical self, but also to its invisible but very real driver and companion: your energetic self, that is, your spirit.

Paying attention to the interplay between your body and your energetic self – between the physical car that you’re in and you the driver running it, between the you that is matter and the you that is spirit – is rich with possibilities and revelations.

Fine-tune your energy system – and expand your awareness.

You can learn to fine-tune this interplay between body and energy system using tools that I call “spiritual mechanics” – eight intuitive tools that complement the conventional medical approaches you’re using. Like it or not, you’re already on this journey. Why not bring along some not-quite-visible equipment along with your obvious diabetes paraphernalia for a safer, more exhilarating, and more fruitful ride?

The reward is that you get to play and work more consciously with your own information – that intelligent, shimmering, changing energetic entity that is you and all that you know – to find better health, a better time, and a better life.

copyright © 2013 Lisa Bernstein

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