A Little Bit at a Time...

The process of gearing up for an album release - when you're doing everything yourself - can be pretty overwhelming the first time around.  Trying to get a little something done every day will be beneficial for my psyche.

Matt had Davey come into the studio today to record some background vocals for Snapshots, Requiem and All of Our Lives - but as I really didn't want to have to make the trek up to Los Angeles, I joined the session remotely via zoom - and it worked out very well.  That will be a tremendous option going forward, particularly with gas prices being what they are these days.   

I sent Dave at CLG a note about a week ago asking if he'd still be interested in having his company distribute the album, as he first mentioned that about a year ago.  He hasn't yet responded, which isn't a big deal - people get busy.  However, I am a little reticent to have a smaller company handle all aspects of distribution, when there are behemoths in place (CDBaby) that have been successfully performing that function for decades.  Considering how much I have invested in this project, my gut tells me that I should be going with the big boys.  Having said that, Dave has been great during the entire cover art illustration process - so I'd like to at least give him the opportunity to make a case for his company, if he does in fact still want to work with me on the distribution side.

Along those same lines, I sent emails a short while ago to both Discmasters and Discmakers regarding developing finished product from the artwork provided by CLG.  We'll see what proposals they come back with.

I also sent a note to the copyright office asking for clarification as to the best way to register the album, considering that while I own everything, I have separate dba identifiers for the compositions (Long Island Express Music) and masters (26th Street Records).  The website states they respond to inquiries within 10 business days.  Government efficiency at its finest...

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