Regular Updates...

 I feel like it would be a nice touch to monitor progress as we work towards completion and release of this first album.  For posterity?  Who knows... I imagine I'll just eventually appreciate the nostalgia of it all.  So in that regard...

  • Confirmed for Steve that we'll likely go with the relatively expensive (but most-proficient) Clockwork orchestra in Glasgow.  Waiting on confirmation of a couple of caveats that I'm hoping will be nothing more than a formality.

  • Asked Dave at CLG for particulars regarding obtaining the design files for the II logo and band cover art; also discussed eventual development of the CD booklet and labels.

  • Received feedback from Kerry at Frontman regarding which songs would be most beneficial for video production; awaiting similar type of feedback from Donna at 351 Studio.  Will likely look to utilize the services of both, based on which tracks each finds to be the most favorable.

  • Sent a request over to a fiver provider (hey, that's catchy) for development of a website on bandzoogle, with branding based on the logo (and perhaps cover art, which I love).  Awaiting feedback.
Found a website that focuses on training game-theory-optimal poker play, which is incredibly complex, but very useful.  Will be spending time studying those materials in the hope of eventually adding poker as another component of generating advantage-play income on a more regular basis.  

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